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Radio Remote Control

remote control for window shutter zoom in
Model: rc03

Technical Data
Input Power: 230VAC+_10%(50Hz),110VAC+_10%(60Hz);
Output Current: =<5A(230AC), =<7A(110VAC);
Reappearanc rate of Remote Control code: =<1/1,000,000;
Remote Control distance: =<100m;
Max. Quantity of Remote Controllers to be supported:=<5PCS
(could be expanded to 8PCS,15PCS,EVEN 40PCS)



a. adopted advanced technology, The 2 way control electronic limiter has a great adaptability to allow
to control pieces of devices with only one limiter or to control one device with pieces of controllers.
b. Within a distance of 100M, This limiter can be freely used to run tubular motor turn front-to-back
(Up or Down) or Stop. With mechanical limit and electronic time-delay system, This limiter can prevent
the motor from over-due working.
c. The controllers are provided with devices.It can be controlled by hand or by Remote Control. The controller
is endowed with fuction of self-studding and self-clearing.



a. Give just one press to the up key, The motor will go up automatically to expected position; Press
stop key, the motor stops ;
b. Give just one press to the down key, The motor will go down automatically to expected position; Press
stop key, the tubular motor stops.
c. When the tubular motor goes up/down, just press down/up key, the motor stops. give another press
to down/up key, the tubular motor goes down/up.
d. time to keep the performance up/down is over 85 seconds, the controller will stop the motor turning automatically.
e. the performancesup/down will stop at the limited position, and the motor will run to opposite direction.


3\Special function:to set up the controller

Press down the controlling box or press setup key of the controller for 9 seconds more till to hear a sound "du..." , All the
controllers will loose efficacy;
Press down the controlling box or setup key of the controller,buzzer will sound "du... du...du...",which means that the controller
is in setup condiation and has the following 3 functions (if press down again the setup key, or there is no operation to the
setup procedure, the controller will exit exit setup mode.);


4\Electronic Lock

Entering locked condition, to press stop key of the controller, the buzzer will sound "du...du..." , the controller will stop
operating and enter locked condition, then up/down keys of the controller and all keys of the
controlling box will stop fuctioning;
press down again the stop key of the controller, or give power to the system again, The controller will exit locked condition.


5\Self-Study Of The Controller

a. When the controller is in setup condition, press it's up key or the up key of the controlling box, the buzzer will give 2 sounds
"du...du...", that means the controller has been in condition of self-study.
b. Press down any key of the controller in self-study condition, the buzzer will give a long-lasting sound "du..." That means the controller succeeded in it's self-study and will exit setup condition. If thre is no code to be imported in 10 seconds, the controller will exit setup condition directly.Thecontroller will atutomatically cover and delete the oldest self-study is over-due


Output Exchange Between Up and Down

Output of front-to-back turn of motor is exchangeable, And such an exchange will be saved in the controller Please follow the following steps to set up the exchange:
When the controller is in setup condition, press down the down key of the controller or down key of the controlling box, the Buzzer will give 2 long-lasting sound "du...du...", the controller finish it's output exchange between up and down mode.


Wiring Diagram

ZY 3 Remote Control 230V 50Hz wiring diagram



Red Line: To connect up winding

Blue Line: To connect down winding

Brown Line: To connect to central line

Yellow Line: To connect to Ground wire


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